what are the most important tools for a computer science student ?

so basically every computer student thinks they know what are the tools required as they think that the required tool are the subjects they have in their course or the programming languages they come across in their course so if you are one of them then for a little while forget all that for a moment

The programming languages we come are essential tools but they are not everything and you’ll be shocked but they are just about 40 to 50 % important when it comes to reality …yes you can learn all the languages but i can guarantee you that even though you know all of them you wont be guaranteed 100% job or success and that is why a few tools which everyone needs to have according to my own experiences and research ..they are
1)confident body language : yeah you must havr heard this a thousand times but it’s true but what exactly do we mean by confident body language …it doesn’t mean being proud and keeping your chest high always and anything like it nor does it mean being in the corner waiting for your chance …it means that pulling your self from nervousness and not being rattled when you are under pressure trust me it’s tough but if you practice you can master it.
2)communication skills : yeah communicationa skills I don’t mean only english but nowadays its necessary but what i mean any language you speak ..speak without stuttering and speak without embarrassment coz i have seen people who speak english and at some other time they speak English coz they are too embarrassed to speak their native language if you are free enough with your seniors or higher ups or bosses try speaking in native language which he understands and i can guarantee you he will notice your respect to your native languge
3)practical implementation : what i mean is you may be a perfect dictionary on theory of subjects or even problem solving but as long as you don’t have a project (any project) then your knowledge wont be given much importance comparitively
4)smile : yup smile smile as if you are getting money each time you smile .smile as if you have time travelled and sh*t why? Just because i’m kidding i have a reason it gives of a friendly vibe which makes other people comfortable around you
5)don’t be a nice guy: wait what does he mean by dont be a nice guy yeah i said it ..coz there’s a difference between nice guy and good guy ..a good guy will help you no matter what and doesn’t care but a nice guy tries to make everyone happy around ..you must have heard these words ..nice guys finish last and if you’re a friend to everyone then it means your a friend to no one …sadly this is true because what are you saying when you tell you are a nice guy and you make everyone happy it means that you are a chameleon and change into different identities when you are presentes with a challenge and also you dont have your own identity which is really a very bad attribute so be passionate about what you want people find it more appealing
6)Trust your instincts with your knowledge: yeah what i mean is consider you have learned some language and are so perfect with it and remember every part of it like you remember your gf’s phone number or something and while telling you on a project or a class or any such occasion whosoever it may be teacher ,your boss, your senior anyone …if you know that they are telling or teaching anything wrong then point it out yes and i mean yes surely you are going to get hate but it’s the good kind of hate which will help elevate your respect and character …or else there is ni use in you studying all those languages and not be able to do them justice by not fighting for your own side …

So i think that’s it this article doesn’t tell you any cool tricks in computer science but after seeing many programmers who have become puppets without speaking their mind is far too high …so on that note this is dR19 signing off …


plz do give ur analysis

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