ANDROID OR IOS ?? The Biggest debate which keeps going on .WELL now the ANSWER is HERE

First of all let me just kick it to you right now nowadays im seeing a lot of fights or internet rage going on over who’s the best ANDROID or IOS..hehe a  little update on whatsapp or google and that little spark is enough to turn into a virtual bloodbath .seriously guys/gals Calm the F@#k down ..
To really see who’s the best we need to come from the origin let’s compare


well to all the android users shouting we have been here for a century sorry that’s just a myth IOS was the first to be released on july 29th,2007 and later ANDROID came out on september 23,2008 

ANDROID was developed by google and IOS was developed by apple ..both awesome internet tech giants in technology both have changed the way we perceive mobile phones or any other handy communication both have been battling it out since the microprocessors were practically implemented so that’s a draw there too


ANDROID is developed or written in C,C++ and java and it belongs to the os family of linux (yeah !!! fan here ) and IOS is developed or programmed in c,c++ and objective c and it belongs to the os family of Unix/osx….so if you look at it both are written with the same programming languages but the os family is the one that matters and linux is as linux users know is one of the most reliable families and even military grade softwares use linux that has been known which is the sole reason it makes ANDROID much more preferable to IOS .

this is where the winner is decided because let me explain in a world so fast changing and cruel and if anything is not up to the speed it gets sidetracked so the adaptation to new things and evolving and learning from those things that’s what matters in technology these days and let’s start the discussion
ANDROID’s customizability is off the charts let me tell you as an android user to death you can add widgets ,you can add a map in a widget anything ANYTHING and it’s OPEN source which means it’s free it’s for the public to change how they want and to their requirements exactly but IOS doesnt have that feature it’s not open source well it is to a very small extent i.e notifications etc and that’s it it has a predefined set of rules to tell you its like a dictator os but android is like democracy ….for the people ,by the people ,to the people ( i know it’s not in the right order and i dont care ) and Obviously since android is open source its defintely more adaptable because we can change anything in android cant in ios


Don’t get me wrong ,you may be thinking since im an android user there iis a conflict of interest here ..nope i have even used ios and let me tell you its smooth and fluid but android is smooth not that smooth ,
And to all the ios users who say “yeah we are a special breed hence the few numbers compared to android ” my answer is please ok its simple we dont like to be followed by someone we want to make a change ourselves and dont need permission from others so no doubt many people are android users and its not about we are cheap or not elite its not about the money because apple started it ,coz in the beginning do you know even apple was open source and didnt need permissions and sh*t ,the ITUNES and ICLOUD idea was a genius idea which revolutionized how we perceive our memory but to be honest apple got greedy and turned it’s technology into a market product instead of bringing in about a change it forgot it’s roots where as android and google may have got greedy definitely but they didnt forget why they started in the first place and that’s what makes a difference and to summarize ANDROID is better than IOS not because it is much cheaper and lasts longer due to its adaptability instead of adding one new feature which has been in android for many years and selling it for ridiculously high prices and then they add a couple more features and sell it again with an even higher price and you know the worst thing is peopla fall for it and are falling for it and if any other ios user says well they put so much care into it and detail so that they create a high end device and android keeps crashing much more ..that’s a myth ios crashes 40% more than android check it out if you want and let me remind you that there are 60% more android users than ios and are more active than ios and still we dont get our servers crashing as occasionally as ios so yeah that’s the end


oh and i 4got to say one thing AND THAT IS  ………………….ANDROID ROCKS …B-\ and i have proved it and 
this is dOcToR19 signing off 


plz do give ur analysis

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