similarities or differences?? ur choice …..

nowadays we have become so judgmental that we are focusing on our differences than our similarities and by similarities i dont mean “yeah we are human ” some people do say that and to people who say that .. but dats it nothing more well have you ever looked at the time and dont remember it and u see it again and u still dont remember the time wat are you F’ing stupid šŸ˜‰


and have u ever listened to some random song and u just keep humming the song like an idiot the whole day ….and have you ever expected another step while climbing stairs and just jump in front and then you have to keep doing it so that people think it is what you do normally and that thing in between your eyes which u just cant seem to catch it but it’s there and what about ice creams and cold drinks we eat ice cream too fast and we get brain freeze and make a retarded face and after a while we come back to normal and what do we do next we eat it again …really are we seriously stupid or what and little things like that which matter but we dont consider anymore so dont live life just for living sake pay more attention and u will be surpised at wat u see …. and on dat note this is

#dR19 signing off(inspired by George Carlin R.I.P sir u Truly are a f**king mix of wit and knowledge)


plz do give ur analysis

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