How to Install Google App Engine On Linux Using terminal

To install google app engine on linux and get it up and running  :

things to have :




4)time ..obviously and some interest and passion otherwise it’s waste to do it…..

first open the terminal (if u dont know how to …then go to start on top left and press terminal u’ll get it ) it somewhat looks like this


then to install you need to have google app engine sdk and the platform on which you’re doing your projects/applications like python or java etc

i used python because i’m still a beginner and the web development course on udacity uses python ….

to install google app engine of your choice go to



after downloading it you need to install python ,well by default the python is installed in linux but its an older version to get a new one


sudo apt-get install python

after which it asks your password then some files are extracted for a few minutes….python is installed

now put you’ll have a GAE(google app engine ) zip file in downloads …take it from there and put it anywhere like desktop and create a folder GAE and paste the zip file inside it and extract  it (press right click and press extract here) you’ll get a folder


now most of the work is done ,but to start you need to sign up for google app engine … you can do it at

here ……..>


now sign up with your gmail account and after that you’ll get a dashboard with “applications(0) -you have 10 applications remaining”

which means you dont have any applications so create application here as below


after creating application (it asks for details of your id and etc enter them)


after that you’ll get a new application for eg (mine is newproj19)


but as you can see to the right of the application newproj19 i have running but you dont have it so to activate and run your application

you’ll have a basic program in your google app engine folder go to

as i mentioned [ desktop > GAE > google_appengine > demos >python > guestbook ] (that’s your program) cut and paste it in google_appengine (coz u don’t wanna go to all that every time you need to change the code)

so when you open this you’ll find all these files


ok but out of them the most important are app.yaml file and file

where is the main code html or wateva which shows your page and app.yaml is the linker which

links the project to your application online


go to terminal and go to the dir of google_appengnine ( by using cd to enter the directory and cd .. to go back a directory and ls to view what documents are there in the folder)


after you’re in the google_appengine folder in your case you should have the guestbook in BLUE color when you enter ls


now we need to type some commands to start this Sh*t ……

type (in your case —>  python ~/Desktop/GAE/google_appengine/guestbook(~ indicates from home folder)

python ~/vishnu/google_appengine/guestbook


after entering you get


now if you get the above then it executed correctly ,and you don’t need all that the only important is the last two sentences named INFO go to INFO 1 where you have Running application you have a link 8080:http://localhost:8080


right click on it and press Open link you should  get the below pic and when you press ” hi ” and sign


ahaaaa if u got the above pic then you killed it you’re awesome 90% of it is done but yeah there’s just one problem Yup it’s not online yet i.e yes it’s opening in a browser but its not running on GAE

so go to the guestbook folder and open app.yaml folder ,do u see application:guestbook on the first line


well jus change the name to your app-id i.e the name of your application id you created on google engine and save it

mine is newproj19


now go to terminal and press [Ctrl+C] because the server is still running and you need to deploy it (you may hear update,make it online etc all these mean the same thing)

so to deploy you need to enter

python – update ~/vishnu/google_appengine/guestbook/


press enter you’ll get

it’ll ask for your password and starts deploying


now go to browser and type  you should get

the guest sign in page again but now its online thats all


that’s it your GAE is up and running so to change the project to any of your applications ,just change the application in app.yaml to your your own app_id

thank you this is dr19 signing off





plz do give ur analysis

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