Be content with what you have ??

“Be content with what you have” you  may have heard this saying by ur parents,elders or others who u haven’t met in your life but what does it really mean ?? just think about it 

that – i should be satisfied with what i have ,really ? i say that’s a very bad example because if the early man was satisfied with what he had then he wouldn’t have seeked satisfaction from his female version (if u know what i mean) and we wouldn’t have fire ,we wouldn’t have wheels,we wouldn’t have the clothes, wouldn’t have the education for god’s sake and why we wouldn’t have all these …… yes because we were satisfied so i always try and even tell to others don’t be satisfied with what you have that’s what makes you prosper (even though people say i’m happy with what i have they are always trying to  get a better job,trying to make their children study harder ….why?? because they are not satisfied but they can’t accept the truth )

                                     so never be satisfied with what you have because when that happens you’re screwed you’ll be stuck in a rut and can’t come out and if that means being greedy let it be ……greedy is not a bad thing but there should be a certain balance which you will get only by experience (i.e when you make mistakes cos you’re mistakes might as well be your own rite 😉 ..) but i can tell you this “too much of anything is a bad thing” good or bad coz  “change is flow and flow is life -swami vivekananda ” without any change our earth would be a just a big lifeless stone so since we were derived from earth  we too carry the same basic instincts yes yes we are evolved but our primary instinct is the same we are just covered by a  lot of masks thats all !!! , and be greedy always ,…..



be greedy for friendship,

be greedy for love,

be greedy for knowledge , thats when you’ll be really satisfied ….. bunk a few classes with your class mates , spend some time ( and money obviously) on the girl you like and spend some passion to be the best .. and on that note this is dR19 signing off….


plz do give ur analysis

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