INDEPENDENCE DAY (right now you might be thinking wow this looks long and i dont have time to read all this sh*t
 but i request you to just put 5 mins of your time into reading this and i bet you its not going to be boring at
 all so here it goes
 —> INDIA has achieved a lot since gaining independence on aug-15th 1947 midnight , from britishers and its going
 to achieve a lot more in the future but not if we don’t co-operate and the soldiers who were recognized and not
 recognized in getting our freedom will be remembered and mourned and be proud of them forever in our hearts ,but
 many have forgotten what independence day is,yes its a national holiday but its not an excuse to sleep late and
getting up at noon and not give a care as to what’s happening outside WHICH i have been doing for a while and
i regret it, i accept it im not perfect
 but atleast now
 im about to bring a change in me and try to bring a change in others like me as well
 and this change was brought about when i was walking
on the street near my home and a little homeless girl was running around with an indian paper flag in her hand
 which was half torn but she was happy and excited and its not independence day yet as you know there’s still 10
more days to go but it doesnt matter to her as it matters to us as holding a flag in our hand and pin a flag on
our chest ,cleaning up the statues of our freedom fighters just 2 days before the independence day or singing national
anthem on republic day/independence day we think we are patriotic and respect our country but what about
the other 364 or so days what happens to all that patriotism as you call it well let’s change it together and just
think and mostly remember as to
   why are the all school children running around on or before independence day
and when we were in school we were like that too all excited about independence day and flag hoisting and that
flag that salute those flowers coming from the flag when it opens
but what happened to that child in you and thats why me and a group of friends are starting a campaign
to re-ignite the fire in us and for you who are already flag hoisting every year 3-4 times you’re awesome and
dont stop being awesome and spread that awesomeness as i like to call it, so on  this CAMPAIGN invite your friends to
post their most awesome independence day memory and with it attach a photo which according to you/them depicts
patriotism,freedom or independence day of india anything you wish and
 post them on <  > or even post them on your timeline and we
from J2A will make your posts public and circulate them among all your friends
and oustdide your friend circle too  but we cant do this alone, we need your
help to create a bigger impact and this campaign lasts this whole week upto independence day and even after
who knows, but lets take it one step at a  time and wishing you all the best and let many
more people know about this and if you have read all this then  thank you for your time  hope it didnt go to a
complete waste -DR19
  THERE are  3 more  days to go for our INDIA’s 66’th INDEPENDENCE DAY !!!  LET’S MAKE THEM COUNT !!!


plz do give ur analysis

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