ma voyage for the truth continues…


so yeah its been a long time since i told u guys/gals abt me (not that u care but its ma blog so…:P) and i think its been roughly 3-4 months and yeah the last things i told was about ma broke college, ma hostel and friends i met well u a lot has happened from then and first i got marks for the exams i wrote well i wrote alrite by alrite i mean i killed it i got top marks which i never really got in anything before so its nyc and well the studies are good but ma personal life has taken a very sharp turn , i guess i was always u knw not so confident sometimes and overly confident and proud sometimes but i seem to have found the balance now by trial and error like a 100 f’ing times and derz a girl who luks nyc in our class well 2 me anyway and recently found out most of th eother boys think that too 😉 so i tried to impress her from the start obviously but she used to talk normally wid me but some of ma 4nds knew i liked her as i told them in secret but u knw how my dirty ass friends are they spread it to the whole class and now she doesnt even talk to me at all before it was less now its downrite zero hehe well after that i tried talking a little but she didnt show much interest so i stopped that shit suddenly and just minded my own fucking work 🙂 and idk wat happend or that she missed ma irritating her or something but one day she comes and asks for some notes to complete which she never does as her notes are always complete so the conversation started like that and now we are gud 4nds (yeah just gud m disappointed but hey something is better than nothing ri8e 😉 well it takes patience to go to next level i’ll wait)  so anyway lets come to other scene remember ma best 4nd who i met in 9th class and drifted away and again met her in inter 2nd year and talked and chatted like anything till 1 month before ma college starts and i told her i liked her and she rejected me saying oh sorry but were just 4nds and that she already had a boyfriend from 4 months well from last 3 month she was chatting way too much than she usually chats with me and way too cheerful all the time so i knew her from ma 9th class so i knew something was up but i didnt ask her as i dint want to make her uncomfortable (yeah its lame i knw but u gotta bear with me sorry)  so last week we were chatting and its 11:30 and suddenly  i get a msg !!!


saying i had a fight wid him and we broke up and its been 4 months now ,and i needed some time to realise what she had told and then i was like yes i was rite he was not rite 4 her he couldnt make her happy at all and i knw i should b sad as ma best 4nd has broke up but i’m selfish what can i say 😉 so i said o m sorry 4 get him and he’s not woth it all those consoling words u know for i felt a little sad and that day we chatted till late ni8 and till now we are chatting like before again (saying gd mrng and gdevng and gd n8 and asking if we ate all the time ) and welll thats  it so u see this should tell you “dont lose hope people always have faith no matter what ” and i’ll end on the few truths i found till now 1)the late the night gets the more secrets come out and obviously more sharing,2)if u like somebody then connect a little ,ignore them very much and then they’ll connect after that plz be connected dont think if u ignore her more maybe she’ll like u more sorry pal if u ignore her the d second time she’s not even gonna care about you next time and dats it 4 now this is dOcToR19 siGning off on that note


plz do give ur analysis

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