If Robert Ludlum thrillers rank high on your list of recreational reading material, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy Zero Hour, a rollicking 13-week thrill-ride that begins Thursday with a flashback to Germany in 1938.

Advance reviews have drawn parallels between Zero Hour and The Da Vinci Code, and there are similarities. When Zero Hour’s story jumps to present day from 1930s Germany, for example, the story — about a reluctant Everyman drawn into a labyrinthine conspiracy involving secretive priests, ancient scrolls and a seemingly indestructible, silver-haired assassin — it’s hard not to be reminded of Dan Brown’s conspiracy thriller about an Everyman on the trail of the Holy Grail and a murderous sect of albino monks.

As Zero Hour’s mystery becomes more clear, though — and the producers have promised a reveal at the end of each weekly episode — it begins to look, sound and feel more like…

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plz do give ur analysis

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