simple story* by me (part 3)

well so y did u exactly come now? she asks with a smile ,he replies oh nothing u know he starts sweating his finch sized heart beating 300 times a minute or so it seems and then she turns back to go back into the shop and he says wait well i think u can guess ok here goes i really like you i know its been just 4 days since i knew well saw you but i jus had to say this and i know a 100 or 1000 boys may have said this to you so thats why i actually came and thinking (shit i feel stupid i really proposed her and and. . . .)


and then she looks at him a little sad for some time and then says im sorry really but i have a boy friend he’s ma senior in our coll sorry but we can be friends and i dont even know your name you are ??? and he replies wel yeah if v see it like that even i dont know your name and i think it doesnt matter anyway na now and he turns to go back and keeps walking and then she says your so selfish u know that  ,and he turns back what ? me selfish?why?  well she replies seems like u’ll be a friend only if she’ll aceept as ur girl frnd or else u dont hav anything to do with them wow u know there is more to life than having girl frnds or having boyfriends , and he just stares at her coz she may have went a little extreme but sh said the brutal truth so he’s just out of words presently and with difficulty he says yeah seems like ur rite im sorry and he says his name and she tells her name and then the atmpsphere a litlle light now and he says ‘so as we are friends now im guessing tomorrow im free so can u show around this place as you seem to know it and im new to it ,i’d like to know this place i seem to like it ” and she says slghtly smiling ” wow ,you never stop trying do you?” and he replies “i dont know wat ur talking about i said just as friends and she laughs and says ok come tomorrow at the same time here we’ll go out i mean i’ll show you around ok? he says k seems good and   he starts his walk back home and mysteriously laughing as he thinks about the conversation that had took place just before a few moments and thinks wow how did it go from ur so selfish to ok i’ll show you around in a minute , hmm and he reaches home and freshens up and eats and gets ready to sleep but obviously he doesnt get get any ounce of sleep she keeps popping up in front of his eyes and the words she said to him he never thought it that way by now he likes her even more and thinking thinking without his conscious he goes to sleep  as he has to get up in the morning and go to the shop, to spend some more time with her in his short time as much as possible he thinks. . .  . . .  . . . .( to be continued ) and this is dOcToR19 signing off thnk u !!!


plz do give ur analysis

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