a simple story* by me

no no no mom i told you im fine for now but this new weather will take some time to get used to it thats all he told cleaning his blood from nose i jus want to check out the new place and the surroundings ill be back by night his mom saying ok but be careful and come back early k den sweater check,sneakers check tying the sneakers check,mobile check and with this he went out it was a long street followed in the side by crumpling buildings and rickshaws moving noisily around the street and the boards on the shop saying their names in hindi well he was a southern boy and since their long relatives uncle’s wedding they have invited them to north where they reside and a stay of 1 month and its been a week and he still didnt get used to it but now he is slightly improving and well walking and a rickshaw comes beside him asking 10 rupees till the city saab takes only half an hour then he says na its ok u can go ill walk and then as he was leaving wait ill give you 30 to and from but u have to wait an hour ok ,his face lighted up and he happily invited him into the rickshaw and he made his way across the markets and people smoothly now and then shouting for passers by who were a little irresponsible and reached city then he gave 10 to the driver and told him to wait here and ill check out a little so he looked at his watch it was 15 past 7 pm and he started walking and he saw a small cd shoppe which sells cds nd dvds of large range of movies so he goes in everyone is busy checking the movies and so he wante dto see a rom-com or action whichever he finds first so goes to the counter section there’s no  one there he calls any one here no reply ,he waits and then he again calls anyone here nope no reply and then wen he was about to call a second time he hears a sound coming from a door behind the counter section and he saw her then and thought wer was she hiding all my life as she was coming saying wait wait dont u have a little patience damn k tell wat movies do u want but nope his senses are gone except his eyes which are arrested on her face and she shouting hello hello mister u there im here, and at last he comes to his senses yeah yeah sorry so wat wer u saying she frustrated i jus told you wat movies do you want thats y u came here ri8 ,yeah yeah movies u can give me anything ,do u have any latest movies yeah we have a few,then he says ok give me something from it still mesmerized by her charm and that free attitude she replies saying yeah ok this movie came in yesterday its a comedy i guess talk Image was that its nice u can take it 20 rs ok he takes the money and gives it and still replaying that moment he returns to the rickshaw and its there the driver waiting on it and he returns home and he goes to his room and jus sits for a while repleying the whole thing again and again and again and he coughes blood comes he cleans it and then he eats and the next day again goes to the store in the afternoon and acts like he needs a movie and watching the counter nope shes not there but an uncle is there yeah maybe his father almost same features guess he went out yesterday , so then he goes to the father and asks do u have hangover yeah we do adn he gives the movie and he’s desperate now he jus has to know where she is or wen she will come so he asks so sir i came even yesterday and i took a cd there was a girl here and i didnt give the money he lied so i have to give it to her can i know where is she , putting on a bad poker face he waits and then his father waits and narrrows his eyes and watches him like a hawk and then says no need so good of you u can give that to me and the boy replies no sir i mean what if i gave u and she doesnt know and then again she asks me and ill tell i gave you she doesnt believe me now he thinks since im trying to find ill go all the way now silence and his father now much more doubtful but then he calls her name and she comes from behind the door wearing bag and jeans and t-shirt completely different from yesterday but still beautiful and says what dad i have to go mom’s calling home so his father now looks at the boy and then the boy thinks oh shit oh shit im done f**k shit and his father about to telll wat’s the situation the boy jumps in ill explain dont worry sir remember i came yesterday …..            (to be continued) doctor19 signing off


plz do give ur analysis

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