vish update !!!

ok i think its been a long time since i told anything about myself or any updates (not that u care) but its for ma satisfaction 😉 anyway ma last message was some thing i dont even remember properly so to give a proper update well i told you i jus got into an enggineering college and staying at an hostel and well blah blah and its been exactly 3 months since our college has started and we also had mid – exams on the first three units in all subjects like math,phy,chem,computer c lang and data structs and well i didnt kick the paper’s ass but i certainly didnt let it kick mine i wote kinda ok (well more than ok i wrote good) and unofficially i completed c basics,c plus plus basics (with object oriented programming ), very light basics on web development and right now in the middle of java script which is mostly similair to c so its kinda easy but u have to use a little more logic than c as the commands and codes are more straight forward and direct and about ma personal life well haha 🙂 its a roller coaster ride as always and i think i used to tell u about ma crush in the previous messages well i think i used to tell mostly about it but now i jus feel silly coz a month before now i kinda told her i liked her and she told me sorry and that she was comitted from 8 or 10 months i dont know clearly so yeah thats it she told but we could still be friends and i wanted to say are you kidding me we chat in the morning tellin gud mrng and evrythng ,we chat in the aftnoon,we chat in the night askinf if we ate and chatting mostly nonsense and chat till 2 to 3 am for half a year or something (well not half a year but definitely 3 months and fyi it doesnt matter now anyway) now it was fun for me it was fun for you  i guess but what would a simple boy like me think if an awesome girl like you chatting wid me like that i certainly dont think “just friends” do that so anyway we even chat now but its mostly awkward and i try to act normal like evrythings ok and were havin fun chattin like friends but now its jus plain boring to say the truth and also i think thats the end of a chapter (philosophically i guess) and shit happens you gotta deal with it im proud i told her how i feel and i got to know what she thinks about me i think i went a little too far haha 😀 yeah so again now in the first place i was in the fault thinking how can someone so out of my league doing with me but i tried cant say i didnt try so yup thats it i learnt ma lesson have to concentrate completely on studies now (well mostly we know thats impossible) so yup thats ma complete update on  me and i gotta go now and as always this is doctor19 signing off 😉


plz do give ur analysis

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