nothing much

  • ok so last time i think i told a little abt  my life and ma crush anyway i chatted with her after that day and well she didnt chat with me at all for the next 2 days i thought “shit she mustve read it and ggot angry but na she called me the next day and told me that her dad tuk her cell karke so phewww and well now again back to confusing tym she is again chatting but the weird thing is she’s chatting early in the morning like she says gud morning and chats nicely till 9:30 i.e till we go to our classes in the morning and after that no sign of her i even send some quote everynight saying gud n8 nope no reply  again next day in the morning gud morning vishnu or even gud morning dr which is a first even 4 me so yeah i think im gonna let this play it out and she asked one day vishnu how can you tell how i feel all the tym i wanted to say bcoz i like you too damn much bitch cant you understand that much but instead i replied i dont know i just do idk why so well i still cant make out if she knows and wantedly ignoring or she has no idea so yeah dats it got to go ill again update u on this boring shit again  dis is doctor19 signin off 😉

plz do give ur analysis

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