lEtS ‘c’ mY tAkE on ‘c’ ;)

  • lEtS ‘c’ mY tAkE on ‘c’ 😉
    ok so another day has went by in hostel so anyway i think i gave u apretty idea last time how kool hostel lyf is and now back to academics so in cse toh im almost finished with c and gonna start c++ soon and i also learnt a few basics on web development and design and its really coool after you know basics you can modify the later rules as per ur comfort and same goes to c you just need to have a strong subject and concept onc then c++ is easy and java script and so on so almost evthing or most programming langs are based within the neighborhood or have been derived from c so the main things 4 beginners to look fwd to or to concentrate mostly on 1)data types and variable i.e what are int,char,str,mem,double,long,unsigned long etc and 2) functions like how to call a function and how to initialize them and what is initializing and calling if you understand them then the next step is easy there are two parts declaration and definition i.e declaration is nothing but teling the compiler by codes that this is a certain particular type of variable like an integer or a letter(character)
    whre we have previously mentioned as int,char so there you go after dis the next thing to focus on are 3)arrays i.e a function which has the same type of variables like integers or only characters in arrays you cant combine two arrays of diff tybe of variables e.g you cant combine an array containing elements of integers with elements of chars(letters) well you can but for that you have to go to the next chapter4) pointers these are nothing which give value but the name says it all they are pointers they point to something ,that something is a variable technically their definition is variables whose value is the address of another variable  so now you can combine a pointer and an array so u take an array and take the pointer which has the address of another array with diff variables so when you combine they concatenate(combine) so ur indirectly combining them using adress of another variable now how to combine them you dont know so now v go to next chapter 5)strings again the name xplains you have these characters or variables or arrays you have to put them inside string fnctions so now strings you can combine(concatenate),break,copy,move and even can find strlen i.e string length which finds out how many characters there are in that particular function like if i want to find length i type certain starting codes and in the middle part where funcs are activated i put for eg strlen(word) something lyk that then the output on screen comes as 4 so lyk that there are many types of functions and codes to do many things and manipulate things so now these are the basics alright and there are many other things too lyk call by reference,call by value,memory concepts,repetition functions i.e if i want nos 4m 1 to 100 or my name to be printed on the screen(i.e output) 100 tyms or n times or i want the sum 4m 1 to 100 things like that we use  repetition codes like for,while,do-while.and there are different types of operators like &,#,%,(),<,>, ? etc what they do and pointer arithmetics,like adding two integers,calculating them normally in a function,calulating them using arrays,using pointers or in strings there are many little but important things which u’ll definitely learn in the process u may think no thats bull but true c its like this im telling u alphabets from a to z but if there is a word how do you pronounce it, yeah xactly im just telling a few bullet points i may not mention all of them or i may have made a mistake or two bcoz even im a beginner and im writing from that point of view of things i have learnt recently and practising them so u can say im wting this mostly to see what i have learned over these past days if it has been helpful im glad or if  there r any pros reading this and if there r mistakes then plz do take some tym and point out ill correct myself and learn them so whoo we,ve drifted 4m the topic so back 2 it so i have mentioned till structures ri8,so those were the basics now after this we go to a slightly upper level topics chapter6)structures now structures are a comparitively newer topic compared to arrays anyway structures are exactly like arrays but remember in arrays we can or could only put variables of same type but in structures you can put elements of different variables or different types in the same place so to b more clear consider arrays as a matrix you know which has elements well array is the same too but instead of just [1234] you can put [1a2dfd3f4] in structures so it has a few functions too on its own as to how to put the elements in a structure i wont go into the technical stuff and bore you but you get the idea so after this you get the next chapter7)unions they are also derived data types like a structure but with members that share the same storage space to get clarity in structures once you declare a variable like integer or char they have specific storage space in memory like 2 bytes or 4 bytes and even more for double types,float types and long types and the minute you initialize this variables such as integers or chars a certain memory space is put aside only for that particular variable you can modify it using various other functions but im telling the base part but in unions you dont need to declare them you just have to mention the memspc(memory space ) and it puts aside the memory space and after you use up the memory space from an integer or a char then you can declare that that variable so the main diff to structs and unions is the former is pre-declaration and the latter(unions) is post-declaration of the variables so after this there are a few chapters binary system which introduce and explain to you the binary system not bcoz they are v.important but mostly bcoz they are the key to the understanding the roots of the programs your writing and the codes your writing and the facebook ur surfing on the windows everything is made up of bits that is a bit namely a ‘1’ or a ‘0’ and 8 bits a word ,etc and after you get the idea of all these concepts then after this  mostly evything is a cake walk and there are topics as file processing, and files i/o which mostly tells you how to open files processing files,and how to process(view) information from files and how to close those files using commands like fclose(),fopen(),etc and then there is memory management which helps you to allocate memory and copy memory of one file into other like memcpy and memalloc etc now these are things in c wit a few other side topics and then there is c++ which is nothing but a much more bigger and wider approach from c so consider a small circle and another bigger circle around it  the smaller is c and obviously the bigger 1 is c++ and its more larger mostly because it has the capability of object oriented programming which is also used in java and a few other web designs which is nothing but it has classes and objects for e.g acc to c++ and java consider a noun dog that is called an object  and the classes are its behaviours like barking ,eating,running etc so next tym you dont need to type all that if you just type dog the compiler understands its objects and classes  like a 3d approach on things and programming so now i keep saying when you write dis in a compiler or dat in a c compiler this happens compiler is nothing but a translator b/w you and the system which makes the system understand the codes your writing directly so wen i say c compiler it means a compiler which has the standard library and functions and certain rules by the way you you type to make the system understand wat ur sayin now u dont like c then there are other compilers which have more easy and more comfortable way of language but i can bet not as clever as c wat do i mean by clever you may ask why cant i just type a few english words and move my mouse and click around and get the desired result ofcourse you can get what do u think windows or linux or ubuntu these are they are advanced compilers or a compiler ina compilr in a compiler and the final product is how can is ay this”user friendly” so a program with pre-defined set of codes is called a software and a software with inbuilt codes which the user can manipulate to a certain extent are called operating systems now y cant v do these adding on os itself mainly bcoz they take way more memory and way more time you may think na in a calculator in windows it can do all big numbrs product in a second but in a compiler it takes much more larger nos than that and not only adds but gives the power of that no. and in 2 to 3 bytes where in windows it takes 5 to 6mb which is 5000kb approx which is 5000 x 1000bytes you get 5×10^6 bytes so there you go compiler are nothing but programs which take use of most of the systems capabilities and to their full extent yeah its a bit long well bcoz i have space here but i dont have much tym well i do but i may not have the interest tomorrow and may postpone and also im ona roll ri8 now so im just gonna go with it so ther you go thats ma update on c 4m which i learned and next tym im gonna introduce you and tell basics about c’s allegro programming which is a game programming language where with writing codes you can create games such as pacman,bounce,ice hockey,sudoku etc where v can introduce graphics and even sounds and truthfully i  cant tell u now bcoz i havent yet completed it reading so how in the hell can i write shit abt it so currently reading all this from :{c-how to program from deitel and deitel ,introducing allegro game programming} and thats the gist catch you next tym dis is dr19 signin off 😉

plz do give ur analysis

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