iTs cOmPlIcAtEd : nA iTs nOt,its more than that

  • so yeah well this time the cover has been removed and the truth has been revealed sounds douchey doesnt it well let me xplain from the start first about ma studies not that you guys give a shit but i have to tell it so we got another two days holidays and i came back to hostel from home yesterday and today i found out our coll is closed and tomorrow is a govt holiday as it is mahatma gandhi’s birthday and now back to ma lyf so first i hav to xplain one thing i wasnt angry i was f’ing pissed off ,let me start now so wen i went to ma home my crush as i told u little abt her in ma prev blogs well she always used to keep tellin me and askin me lets meet lets meet ,why wont v meet ? and thngs like dat so wen i went home i asked her ok lets meet at our old tutorial place after i sent that msg i didnt get a reply seriously no reply for the next 2 hours then i replied back saying na its ok 4get it and then i get a reply ok karkey so after that i dint even wanted to think abt her nd various things(well mostly one thing) runnin thru ma mind dat she was faking it till now she didnt wanted to meet me in the first place but wen i said yes lets meet she suddenly froze as i guess she dint expect ill say that anyway i was so upset and sincerely surprised so i didnt wanted to do anything wid her after that she sent texts,saying gud n8 and on fb too but i jus didnt wanna reply so anyway after a week or so wen i was jus drifting through fb and she was online and i get a msg heyy stil angry ? i was not how can i ? so i replied na but 4 wat did u tel sorry she told some other thing which i didnt giv a shit about so i said na im not angry abt dat i told dat im angry abt dis meetin thing nd shit and she said oh and i said silly me i realy thought u wanted 2 meet me and she again said o. wtf reply somtng other than that im pissed off as it is but till now i have no idea how i diid it or how the conversation went that way but after that i told soome witty proverb(completely wrong timing) like dont make promises u cant keep or somtng lyk dat and then she said somtng i didnt understand and logged out and i feel disgusting she’s the one i should b mad how the hell did she manage to make me bad hm girls! anyway i ask now y r u angry at me and after 10 mins she replies(from her phone to fb) na m not angry and i didnt wantedly do that and somthng i reply (thnkin its the last time im saying somethng might as well tell how i feel about her ) so i say i dnt knw if it changes anything or not but i jus want to say this doesnt matter if u reply or not a 1000 guys mustve said that 2 u anyway i tell her that i really like her and always have and that too her native language (mother tongue if any dumbasses cant understand) and after that i say i know im out of your league but i dnt care i jus wanted to say this and i logged out (my finch sized heart beating 200 times/sec) or i felt like it so anyway from dat moment ma timeline +10sec:damn i really proposed to her almost +30sec:shit i told her i liked her why the fuck did i say that +60sec:oh no i feel really stupid and so on and i log in i reply again plz 4get wat i said in the last half hour …waiting….no reply ….5mins…no reply suddenly my phone beeps with a text 4m her saying u der? i reply yh im der and i say again , plz 4get wat i said jus now it was dumb and stupid  and she replies ok now im surprised i now again tell wat? ul ignore it off dat quickly ah rae ? and she replies hey wtev ;p wat the hell kinda reply is dat dude i ask her wat ?did u even read the last msg i sent she replies idk i didnt understand wat u said or y u said it (ah dat means she understood wat i said i think) so i ask her you really dont know y i said it she replies nope then i say k il tell coz ur the the most beautiful,smart,funny girl i know (ofcourse 4 u wondering ppl out there reading this and makin jokes ill b frank i know a lot more intelligent girls than her lot more beautiful and lot more funny but not all in one so ther u go thats the trifecta r8 there she replies wat ?wat? i didnt get u? i say yh yh keep acting like dat u cant act 4eva u know and anyway i dnt know wat hapened 4m der v chatted till 10:30 or 11 i dont knw clearly anyway after sayin gudnyt withdat she asks wat on earth made you say that and from which angle am i beautiful? and thats it i reply somethng whch is too boring anyway no reply i think she probably slept off anyway now ma head has some thinking to do +15sec:she wants a reason why i said that,+30sec: but she asked subtly if i think she’s beautiful bcoz she’s shy +55sec:wait wtf i jus proposed to her(i mean i told her that i realy lliked her) and either she should be really pissed off or really surprised or really wateva other emotions girls feel but she was kool lyk yh wateva and im chatting wid her again after i told her hw i feel and no correct reply from her but im chatting again wtf dats weird even for trolls hell yeah so next day comes she says gud mrng i say heyy idk abt u ,u may b used to it but dis chatiing after dat fb ka phenomenon dis is super weird for me even telling gud mrng now and then (and  by the way thats today we chatted till we went to our colls something i dnt even remenber jus chatting nonsense (well me) and thats all so my hypothesis is this :after 5hours39mins56secs:is that 1)she’s definitely ignoring that proposing ka part but why a)she (like every other girl(not from ma experience but other’s experience) that she doesnt want to ruin our friendship or complicate things or somethng like dat b)she mayb is so nice dat she doesnt want to ruin me by telling the truth dat she seriously hates me and doesnt think of me in that way at all and then il do something crazy (na im not i can take a hit i guess im not that immature ) so by a further analysis 2hours33mins:something is definitely goin to be ruined or something (lets thnk positive for a min) awesome is gonna be felt  who knows but at the end of the day (after 2 years of waiting and fear of rejection by my crush and ma best friend too i guess(both are the same girl if ur thinking other than that ppl) ) i am f’ing glad i told her how i feel doesnt matter her response ….5sec:(wait it matters atleast a litlle) but im proud of myself for now and till then or some other interesing shit(boring for you) turns up im gonna put this in this awesomely shitty blog (mallenduku ee blog pettindi mana sodhi kottadanikey kada) till then this is dOcToR19 sIgNiNg oFf

plz do give ur analysis

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