ok so i got into an engg coll  named rrs  near patancheru  and  well s o now my actual classes start 4m 15th and now they are just making us revise 2nd year portion i guess and anyway i had to go a hostel so r8 now im in hostel and have been in hostel for 2 weeks and well its new 4 me nd its a new xperience and i lyk it i am currently wid 2 seniors who work here as programmers and me well just btech 1st year computer science ha ha but they hav been nd helpful nd they teach me c and c++ programming a little evday and well they tell the syntax and rules and programs of a function and i write source codes and well execute them the nxt day in our lab and well abt hostel i actually like it bcoz ev1 is away 4m home and at first i thought students in hostel were kinda padaku wid books evday and goin str8 4m inst 2 hostel and vice versa but i can guarantee u cant liv like that ul definetly get depressed and shit and mostly those r the suicide cases not bcoz they got pressure or anything mostly they built a wall around them so high and so closed off its irrepairable or how to say it in physics well irreversable and well dat doesnt mean party all day but keep ur fun meter in check now and again and me well here mostly evbody in hostel are elder  than me but we all are same towards each other and well i made many gud 4nds here and yh ev1 are in same class or studying or researching in the same field but ev1 has a diff story as to how he got there and its really fascinating sometyms as to how some1 4m north or foreign has made frnds and hng out wid some one 4m southern regions and its a mix of cultures really but v stay late and study 2gether and we may kick ass on a bday guy on dat particular day but wat i really like here is they dont 4get y they came here in the 1st place to study and to learn something researching their particular field but some say thats bullsht if v really work hArd and take out all unnecessary things hell b a topper in country dats true but partially i can say one thing though ev1 here works hard but they dont show the stress bcoz there isnt any and also bcoz ev1 has a diff timetable 4 them but things like hanging out jus talking and some 4nds  go out once a week or some other group’s other thngs but these are the things that keep us sane and focused here  in hostels where we have each other dats all and also keep making fun of each other all the tym but here u hav 2 knw wen to be selfish or wen 2 b bindaas or else then ur goin to get creamed here dats 4 sure guys and yup dats it 4 now and also today i chatted wid one of ma bst 4nds after many days so im a little pleased and even feeling nyc dat someone i knw 4m b4 remembered me and well little things like that ul enjoy here wen u really knw wats bullsht and wats really imp and mostly bcoz i missed dat person i guess so it may not have been dat many days  or long tym its just i missed them dats all i guess and dats wassup wid me till now and if you dont agree well ur always free to comment and il b pleased or if ur 2 proud to comment then i hav an advice shut the f*** up and create ur own blog and wr8 ur angle of shit and cheers guys and/or gals dats it 4 now 4m doctor 19 now signin offf B-)


plz do give ur analysis

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