fb mAfia


  awesome politics on fb 😉




through my entire FB time i observed a few things and these are the top  ten golden rules, they are

1) liking on fb is like give and take such as others press like on ur photos or status only if u press like on their status or photos

2) similarly people tag you only if you tag them first

3)you can upload as many videos as you want no one really cares

4)but whenever you put a video on other’s wall they will and have to press like bcoz they  think that if they dont then you may think they dont have a good taste in music

5)people send other people invites for a game only if they are better than them at that game

6)try to get as much friends on fb as you can bcoz most people compare others by the number of friends really!

7)it is never weird to find an old friend on fb and tell them hi but it gets weird in a sec if they dont recognize you or you dont recognize them 😉

8)people on fb would be more glad if you send them msgs on their bday instead of just writing on their wall

9)and people or well myself hate it when people have conversations on my wall damn!

10) and at last whenever people give long and boring status like this one instead of short and funny and when people like it u dont hav to b happy bcoz liking it doesnt necessarily mean they have read it 🙂 AND THATS ALL FOLKS



plz do give ur analysis

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