ANDROID OR IOS ?? The Biggest debate which keeps going on .WELL now the ANSWER is HERE

First of all let me just kick it to you right now nowadays im seeing a lot of fights or internet rage going on over who’s the best ANDROID or IOS..hehe a  little update on whatsapp or google and that little spark is enough to turn into a virtual bloodbath .seriously guys/gals Calm the F@#k down ..
To really see who’s the best we need to come from the origin let’s compare


well to all the android users shouting we have been here for a century sorry that’s just a myth IOS was the first to be released on july 29th,2007 and later ANDROID came out on september 23,2008 

ANDROID was developed by google and IOS was developed by apple ..both awesome internet tech giants in technology both have changed the way we perceive mobile phones or any other handy communication both have been battling it out since the microprocessors were practically implemented so that’s a draw there too


ANDROID is developed or written in C,C++ and java and it belongs to the os family of linux (yeah !!! fan here ) and IOS is developed or programmed in c,c++ and objective c and it belongs to the os family of Unix/osx….so if you look at it both are written with the same programming languages but the os family is the one that matters and linux is as linux users know is one of the most reliable families and even military grade softwares use linux that has been known which is the sole reason it makes ANDROID much more preferable to IOS .

this is where the winner is decided because let me explain in a world so fast changing and cruel and if anything is not up to the speed it gets sidetracked so the adaptation to new things and evolving and learning from those things that’s what matters in technology these days and let’s start the discussion
ANDROID’s customizability is off the charts let me tell you as an android user to death you can add widgets ,you can add a map in a widget anything ANYTHING and it’s OPEN source which means it’s free it’s for the public to change how they want and to their requirements exactly but IOS doesnt have that feature it’s not open source well it is to a very small extent i.e notifications etc and that’s it it has a predefined set of rules to tell you its like a dictator os but android is like democracy ….for the people ,by the people ,to the people ( i know it’s not in the right order and i dont care ) and Obviously since android is open source its defintely more adaptable because we can change anything in android cant in ios


Don’t get me wrong ,you may be thinking since im an android user there iis a conflict of interest here ..nope i have even used ios and let me tell you its smooth and fluid but android is smooth not that smooth ,
And to all the ios users who say “yeah we are a special breed hence the few numbers compared to android ” my answer is please ok its simple we dont like to be followed by someone we want to make a change ourselves and dont need permission from others so no doubt many people are android users and its not about we are cheap or not elite its not about the money because apple started it ,coz in the beginning do you know even apple was open source and didnt need permissions and sh*t ,the ITUNES and ICLOUD idea was a genius idea which revolutionized how we perceive our memory but to be honest apple got greedy and turned it’s technology into a market product instead of bringing in about a change it forgot it’s roots where as android and google may have got greedy definitely but they didnt forget why they started in the first place and that’s what makes a difference and to summarize ANDROID is better than IOS not because it is much cheaper and lasts longer due to its adaptability instead of adding one new feature which has been in android for many years and selling it for ridiculously high prices and then they add a couple more features and sell it again with an even higher price and you know the worst thing is peopla fall for it and are falling for it and if any other ios user says well they put so much care into it and detail so that they create a high end device and android keeps crashing much more ..that’s a myth ios crashes 40% more than android check it out if you want and let me remind you that there are 60% more android users than ios and are more active than ios and still we dont get our servers crashing as occasionally as ios so yeah that’s the end


oh and i 4got to say one thing AND THAT IS  ………………….ANDROID ROCKS …B-\ and i have proved it and 
this is dOcToR19 signing off 

similarities or differences?? ur choice …..

nowadays we have become so judgmental that we are focusing on our differences than our similarities and by similarities i dont mean “yeah we are human ” some people do say that and to people who say that .. but dats it nothing more well have you ever looked at the time and dont remember it and u see it again and u still dont remember the time wat are you F’ing stupid ;)


and have u ever listened to some random song and u just keep humming the song like an idiot the whole day ….and have you ever expected another step while climbing stairs and just jump in front and then you have to keep doing it so that people think it is what you do normally and that thing in between your eyes which u just cant seem to catch it but it’s there and what about ice creams and cold drinks we eat ice cream too fast and we get brain freeze and make a retarded face and after a while we come back to normal and what do we do next we eat it again …really are we seriously stupid or what and little things like that which matter but we dont consider anymore so dont live life just for living sake pay more attention and u will be surpised at wat u see …. and on dat note this is

#dR19 signing off(inspired by George Carlin R.I.P sir u Truly are a f**king mix of wit and knowledge)

How to Install Google App Engine On Linux Using terminal

To install google app engine on linux and get it up and running  :

things to have :




4)time ..obviously and some interest and passion otherwise it’s waste to do it…..

first open the terminal (if u dont know how to …then go to start on top left and press terminal u’ll get it ) it somewhat looks like this


then to install you need to have google app engine sdk and the platform on which you’re doing your projects/applications like python or java etc

i used python because i’m still a beginner and the web development course on udacity uses python ….

to install google app engine of your choice go to



after downloading it you need to install python ,well by default the python is installed in linux but its an older version to get a new one


sudo apt-get install python

after which it asks your password then some files are extracted for a few minutes….python is installed

now put you’ll have a GAE(google app engine ) zip file in downloads …take it from there and put it anywhere like desktop and create a folder GAE and paste the zip file inside it and extract  it (press right click and press extract here) you’ll get a folder


now most of the work is done ,but to start you need to sign up for google app engine … you can do it at

here ……..>


now sign up with your gmail account and after that you’ll get a dashboard with “applications(0) -you have 10 applications remaining”

which means you dont have any applications so create application here as below


after creating application (it asks for details of your id and etc enter them)


after that you’ll get a new application for eg (mine is newproj19)


but as you can see to the right of the application newproj19 i have running but you dont have it so to activate and run your application

you’ll have a basic program in your google app engine folder go to

as i mentioned [ desktop > GAE > google_appengine > demos >python > guestbook ] (that’s your program) cut and paste it in google_appengine (coz u don’t wanna go to all that every time you need to change the code)

so when you open this you’ll find all these files


ok but out of them the most important are app.yaml file and file

where is the main code html or wateva which shows your page and app.yaml is the linker which

links the project to your application online


go to terminal and go to the dir of google_appengnine ( by using cd to enter the directory and cd .. to go back a directory and ls to view what documents are there in the folder)


after you’re in the google_appengine folder in your case you should have the guestbook in BLUE color when you enter ls


now we need to type some commands to start this Sh*t ……

type (in your case —>  python ~/Desktop/GAE/google_appengine/guestbook(~ indicates from home folder)

python ~/vishnu/google_appengine/guestbook


after entering you get


now if you get the above then it executed correctly ,and you don’t need all that the only important is the last two sentences named INFO go to INFO 1 where you have Running application you have a link 8080:http://localhost:8080


right click on it and press Open link you should  get the below pic and when you press ” hi ” and sign


ahaaaa if u got the above pic then you killed it you’re awesome 90% of it is done but yeah there’s just one problem Yup it’s not online yet i.e yes it’s opening in a browser but its not running on GAE

so go to the guestbook folder and open app.yaml folder ,do u see application:guestbook on the first line


well jus change the name to your app-id i.e the name of your application id you created on google engine and save it

mine is newproj19


now go to terminal and press [Ctrl+C] because the server is still running and you need to deploy it (you may hear update,make it online etc all these mean the same thing)

so to deploy you need to enter

python – update ~/vishnu/google_appengine/guestbook/


press enter you’ll get

it’ll ask for your password and starts deploying


now go to browser and type  you should get

the guest sign in page again but now its online thats all


that’s it your GAE is up and running so to change the project to any of your applications ,just change the application in app.yaml to your your own app_id

thank you this is dr19 signing off




Be content with what you have ??

“Be content with what you have” you  may have heard this saying by ur parents,elders or others who u haven’t met in your life but what does it really mean ?? just think about it 

that – i should be satisfied with what i have ,really ? i say that’s a very bad example because if the early man was satisfied with what he had then he wouldn’t have seeked satisfaction from his female version (if u know what i mean) and we wouldn’t have fire ,we wouldn’t have wheels,we wouldn’t have the clothes, wouldn’t have the education for god’s sake and why we wouldn’t have all these …… yes because we were satisfied so i always try and even tell to others don’t be satisfied with what you have that’s what makes you prosper (even though people say i’m happy with what i have they are always trying to  get a better job,trying to make their children study harder ….why?? because they are not satisfied but they can’t accept the truth )

                                     so never be satisfied with what you have because when that happens you’re screwed you’ll be stuck in a rut and can’t come out and if that means being greedy let it be ……greedy is not a bad thing but there should be a certain balance which you will get only by experience (i.e when you make mistakes cos you’re mistakes might as well be your own rite ;) ..) but i can tell you this “too much of anything is a bad thing” good or bad coz  “change is flow and flow is life -swami vivekananda ” without any change our earth would be a just a big lifeless stone so since we were derived from earth  we too carry the same basic instincts yes yes we are evolved but our primary instinct is the same we are just covered by a  lot of masks thats all !!! , and be greedy always ,…..



be greedy for friendship,

be greedy for love,

be greedy for knowledge , thats when you’ll be really satisfied ….. bunk a few classes with your class mates , spend some time ( and money obviously) on the girl you like and spend some passion to be the best .. and on that note this is dR19 signing off….

will you F**king say to yourself-> “its ok be positive your new and better version of yourself now” or not ??

ok it’s been a long time since i told sh*t abt me which no one cares but here i am dr19 just pass you time a little more smoothly i’ll try …………………..and this is a long boring story read it only if u have TIME(which is not that precious anyway),Guts and hate 6’0′ clock alarms and love the smell of biryani …….. cronotic_sad-guy

  if ur the complete opposite then plz dont continue          …………………..and well i’ve been busy ….actually nope i was f’ing lazy and didnt hav much interest to even type a letter and why this sudden motivation well get ready i’ll tell u so i was going through my life normally (i.e depressed and feeelin lyk a loser) and i got an idea well more like a forced necessity anyway i decided to just let go of all the things like all the crushes on girls with who i have no F’ing chance in hell ,all the grudges (and by grudges i mean being pissed off at people who took my gta ,nfs,COD game cd’s and didnt even care to return them those ********)  and all the pressure on maintaing your percentage in college well to all this i said “F**k it ” and jus tried to give myself a fresh start but hey life is a b***ch and it keeps coming back saying it’s not so easy to do that well i said in barney stinson style (challenge F**king accepted) and jus kept reminding myself your new now be adult about it etc… 

so the next day i get up its 9 am f**k i’m late but i told myself “its ok be positive your new and better version of yourself now..”

i go to shower no hot water the geyser is not working i’m about to swear but i remind myself “its ok be positive your new and better version of yourself now” and i shower with ice cold water i catch a bus and reach coll by 10:30 and then go to the class obviously the teacher is a nice lady she makes me stand outside for just about 55 mins and lets me inside da class now all my class mates are watching me like i F**king murdered someone and standing for a trial and dont even know me …hey you idiots i’ve been with u for over 2 years no need to act surprised and then all the classes go on lunch hour comes taking out my box to eat and surprise its empty my lame ass 4nds finished it during the class and i fight wid them (verbally of course) for over an hour i’m hungry and lunch is over and classes start just another 10 mins remaining for the last bell and my crush asks me my data structures note book to complete (i think to myself its normal she just asked me as a 4nd nothin more and my mind keeps telling my heart dude dont overestimate urself etc)  , but mine’s incomplete so since i am proud and have to protect my ego i say i didnt bring it she says oh so u give to all other girls but wont give to me ah i dnt even want it u selfish f***er (not so extreme i intensified it but the meaning is same) and i think what? is she f**king with me ri8 now how did it go from “hey please can i have your notebook?” to “f**k off I dont want it ” in 5 minutes  girls ah?? wat can we do?? hard to understand em?

             but i say to myself “its ok be positive your new and better version of yourself now” dont get pulled into it i say no i didnt even give it to anyone since its F***KING INCOMPLETE she turns to her side ignoring me well the class is finished i go to the bus stop bus comes i climb wid ma 4nds no place to sit gr8 !!! and i stand for 40 mins my stop comes i get down i cant even walk my legs are F’ing tired and somehow i make my way to the hostel and try to sleep which i can’t becoz i thought i would be satisfied after saying to myself whole day “its ok be positive your new and better version of yourself now” and acting like an adult but i feel like sh*t and i’m in the same situation as in yesterday when i was a complete ass but i decide maybe its slow maybe this adult sh*t take time but in a week oh it got worse you dont even wanna know what  happened on the last day but there was a ‘teacher ,a 4nd,an exam ,and my answer sheet in his hand’ involved so…..u figure it out anyway i thought f**k this shit and started to be the old guy myself who i know very well the teaser,who does stupid things ,who gets jealous when a boy talks to his gf (by gf i mean over his imaginary grl 4nd who is just a 4nd ) ,who thinks a girl loves him if she likes his post,who thinks that girls is  a soul mate if she comments on his status ,and who gets caught eating in the class wid 4nds ,bunking wid 4nds, and double meanings everything he hears and keeps lauging like an idiot and doesnt care how many girls reject him gets sad for a while but since i am f**king stupid keeps trying again and again (after all my inspiaration is JOhhny bravo B-)  …  ) and cheats in exam even though he knows the answers so 

…. you see stop telling yourself “its ok be positive your new and better version of yourself now” be what u always were thats what makes you who you are now and woory about now not future not past but the F**king present and remember ” if the past actions made you who you are  now then your present actions actions can make you who you want to be in the future “…

           and finally we are living in a generation sadly but truly where instead of people being loved and things to be used ….we are using people and loving things … and on that f**king boring note this is dR19 signing off…….B-) ;) :-P



INDEPENDENCE DAY (right now you might be thinking wow this looks long and i dont have time to read all this sh*t
 but i request you to just put 5 mins of your time into reading this and i bet you its not going to be boring at
 all so here it goes
 —> INDIA has achieved a lot since gaining independence on aug-15th 1947 midnight , from britishers and its going
 to achieve a lot more in the future but not if we don’t co-operate and the soldiers who were recognized and not
 recognized in getting our freedom will be remembered and mourned and be proud of them forever in our hearts ,but
 many have forgotten what independence day is,yes its a national holiday but its not an excuse to sleep late and
getting up at noon and not give a care as to what’s happening outside WHICH i have been doing for a while and
i regret it, i accept it im not perfect
 but atleast now
 im about to bring a change in me and try to bring a change in others like me as well
 and this change was brought about when i was walking
on the street near my home and a little homeless girl was running around with an indian paper flag in her hand
 which was half torn but she was happy and excited and its not independence day yet as you know there’s still 10
more days to go but it doesnt matter to her as it matters to us as holding a flag in our hand and pin a flag on
our chest ,cleaning up the statues of our freedom fighters just 2 days before the independence day or singing national
anthem on republic day/independence day we think we are patriotic and respect our country but what about
the other 364 or so days what happens to all that patriotism as you call it well let’s change it together and just
think and mostly remember as to
   why are the all school children running around on or before independence day
and when we were in school we were like that too all excited about independence day and flag hoisting and that
flag that salute those flowers coming from the flag when it opens
but what happened to that child in you and thats why me and a group of friends are starting a campaign
to re-ignite the fire in us and for you who are already flag hoisting every year 3-4 times you’re awesome and
dont stop being awesome and spread that awesomeness as i like to call it, so on  this CAMPAIGN invite your friends to
post their most awesome independence day memory and with it attach a photo which according to you/them depicts
patriotism,freedom or independence day of india anything you wish and
 post them on <  > or even post them on your timeline and we
from J2A will make your posts public and circulate them among all your friends
and oustdide your friend circle too  but we cant do this alone, we need your
help to create a bigger impact and this campaign lasts this whole week upto independence day and even after
who knows, but lets take it one step at a  time and wishing you all the best and let many
more people know about this and if you have read all this then  thank you for your time  hope it didnt go to a
complete waste -DR19
  THERE are  3 more  days to go for our INDIA’s 66’th INDEPENDENCE DAY !!!  LET’S MAKE THEM COUNT !!!


ma voyage for the truth continues…


so yeah its been a long time since i told u guys/gals abt me (not that u care but its ma blog so…:P) and i think its been roughly 3-4 months and yeah the last things i told was about ma broke college, ma hostel and friends i met well u a lot has happened from then and first i got marks for the exams i wrote well i wrote alrite by alrite i mean i killed it i got top marks which i never really got in anything before so its nyc and well the studies are good but ma personal life has taken a very sharp turn , i guess i was always u knw not so confident sometimes and overly confident and proud sometimes but i seem to have found the balance now by trial and error like a 100 f’ing times and derz a girl who luks nyc in our class well 2 me anyway and recently found out most of th eother boys think that too ;) so i tried to impress her from the start obviously but she used to talk normally wid me but some of ma 4nds knew i liked her as i told them in secret but u knw how my dirty ass friends are they spread it to the whole class and now she doesnt even talk to me at all before it was less now its downrite zero hehe well after that i tried talking a little but she didnt show much interest so i stopped that shit suddenly and just minded my own fucking work :) and idk wat happend or that she missed ma irritating her or something but one day she comes and asks for some notes to complete which she never does as her notes are always complete so the conversation started like that and now we are gud 4nds (yeah just gud m disappointed but hey something is better than nothing ri8e ;) well it takes patience to go to next level i’ll wait)  so anyway lets come to other scene remember ma best 4nd who i met in 9th class and drifted away and again met her in inter 2nd year and talked and chatted like anything till 1 month before ma college starts and i told her i liked her and she rejected me saying oh sorry but were just 4nds and that she already had a boyfriend from 4 months well from last 3 month she was chatting way too much than she usually chats with me and way too cheerful all the time so i knew her from ma 9th class so i knew something was up but i didnt ask her as i dint want to make her uncomfortable (yeah its lame i knw but u gotta bear with me sorry)  so last week we were chatting and its 11:30 and suddenly  i get a msg !!!


saying i had a fight wid him and we broke up and its been 4 months now ,and i needed some time to realise what she had told and then i was like yes i was rite he was not rite 4 her he couldnt make her happy at all and i knw i should b sad as ma best 4nd has broke up but i’m selfish what can i say ;) so i said o m sorry 4 get him and he’s not woth it all those consoling words u know for i felt a little sad and that day we chatted till late ni8 and till now we are chatting like before again (saying gd mrng and gdevng and gd n8 and asking if we ate all the time ) and welll thats  it so u see this should tell you “dont lose hope people always have faith no matter what ” and i’ll end on the few truths i found till now 1)the late the night gets the more secrets come out and obviously more sharing,2)if u like somebody then connect a little ,ignore them very much and then they’ll connect after that plz be connected dont think if u ignore her more maybe she’ll like u more sorry pal if u ignore her the d second time she’s not even gonna care about you next time and dats it 4 now this is dOcToR19 siGning off on that note